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Year round, Summit Players Theatre offers workshops to help participants get in touch with nature and learn about both Shakespeare and theatre in general. We play games, work with text, and explore the natural world through the lens of Shakespeare's words. Members of our company work with kids (and fun adults), spending time learning about how fun Shakespeare can be, and trying to alleviate any "iambic pentajitters." Summit workshops are a great way to expose students to arts and culture, and fulfill many of the core competencies gained through Social Emotional Learning.

Want to bring a workshop to your school, library or community? Email us at for rates and more information!

Our Workshops:

Playing With Shakespeare: Get Outside with Will
As our main introductory workshop, Playing with Shakespeare: Get Outside with Will is focused on Shakespeare's use of nature in his plays and general theatre practices. We play games, work with text and explore the natural world through the lens of Shakespeare's words. This workshop is a wonderful general introduction to Shakespeare and is best when done outdoors!


The Magic of Shakespeare
This workshop focuses around the magical elements seen in Shakespeare’s plays. We explore the world of fairies, witches and ghosts through text work and the element of play. This workshop is a great physical introduction to Shakespeare with an emphasis on storytelling and play.

The Heroes and Villains of Shakespeare
In a world where superheroes and evil villains are very prevalent in the media we consume, this workshop is a great avenue to introduce Shakespeare in a way that is exciting and familiar to kids. In this workshop, we discuss the heroic elements seen in Shakespeare’s plays and use the text we are given to fuel our inner superpowers. This workshop is an imaginative introduction to Shakespeare that is great for energetic groups.

bomBARDed by Text: How to Read Shakespearean Plays
Are you having difficulty getting your students to understand Shakespeare’s words? Have no fear, we are here to help! This exciting workshop breaks down Shakespeare texts in a way that is easy for students to understand. We decode iambic pentameter, discuss the context of the text and learn how to paraphrase the Bard’s language so we understand what we are reading. This is a great interactive workshop for English classes of all ages who find Shakespeare difficult to read and want some tips!


All the World’s a Stage: Acting with Will
Is your theatre group performing one of Shakespeare’s plays? We can help! This workshop puts the focus on acting. Shakespeare can be tricky on the surface, but we work with you to dive head-first into his texts and find confidence in performing the Bard’s timeless tales. During this workshop, we focus on understanding the language, creating the world of the play and making bold choices that convey the story. This workshop is great for theatre groups who want some tips on performing Shakespeare for an upcoming performance, competition or just for fun!


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