Thank You

Our 2021 donors are incredible. They funded our biggest season yet, and we couldn't stay on the road without them. Join us in giving thanks to: 

Kathleen McIntyre


William Honrath and

Elizabeth Blackwood


Kurt and Kristi Magoon

AntiShadows Lighting Design/Jason Fassl


Chester Loeffler-Bell


Creativeland LLC


Maureen Kilmurry


Armando Ronconi

Ben George

Bradley & Sara Wells

Carol Seifert

Cindy Klapperich

Deirdre Dempsey

Friends of Blue Mound State Park

Friends of Kohler-Andrae State Park

Friends of Roche-A-Cri State Park

Hannah Klapperich-Mueller

Hariet Dehlinger

James Kaplan

Jeannette Bell

Jessica Martischang

Jill Anna Ponasik

Jolie Collins

Kristine Backes

Matthew Seifert

Michelle Hoemann

Rory Trainor

Stephen Hudson-Mairet

Sue Yee

Thomas and Debora Jansen

Victoria Lusz

Alan Vanthiel

Alexis Furseth

Amanda Keeler

Andrea Duffy

Andrea Gelb





April Goral

Aragorn Quinn

Barbara Barnes

Barbara Gloss

Bob Nussbaum

Bonnie Prazak

Britt Bilgrien

Brittany Loughman

Chad Oye

Chris Boehm and Carrie Portz

Christopher Dahlke

Daniel Callaway

Daniel Lippitt and Karen Matteoni

David Hollis

David Kelly

Dawn Umnus

Edward Littlefield

Eelisa Jones

Eva Nimmer

Gregory Pragel

Haley Ebinal

Harold Loeffler-Bell

Hope Engeseth

Howard Goldstein

Hunter Hough

James Neuner

Jane and Jon Grinde

Jeffrey Wetzig

Jennifer Mickle

Jessica Romick

Jill Huffer

John Kleinofen

K Teena Racheli and Kim Stertzbach

Katherine Juras

Katie Hauger

Kelsey Ajango

Kirk and Maribeth Malnor

Kirsten Benjamin

Lena Van Haren

Mackenzie Krumme

Mae Willkom

Margaret Klapperich

Margaret Olson

Mark Anderson and Isabelle Kralj

Mark Blair

Mark Pfost

Mary and Alan Atwood

Mary Boyle

Maya Danks

Michael Hareid

Michelle Jacobs

Nathaniel Nez

Nicole Lang

Patrick and Katherine Ahern

Paul Ivkovich

Randy Thomas

Rebekah Farr

Ruth and James Brennan

S Wilson

Sarah Busch


Stephanie Eastwood

Susan Crisp

Sydonia Lucchesi

Theresa Flynn

Thomas Nicholas

Tim McCalister

Timothy Ziegenhagen

Wendy Haas

William Mueller

Wilson Brown


Every dollar donated to the Summit Players goes towards creating the most incredible "Shakespearience" possible. Whether it pays for the gas that get us around the state, the costumes on our backs, or any one of the wacky props that comes out of our trunk, the money we receive helps us create fun and magic.

Summit Players Theatre is a not-for-profit corporation. Donations are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3). For the price of a typical theatre ticket (or more!) you can help get us on the road for another fun summer and write it off on your taxes as well!

To donate, click the button below or send donations to:


Summit Players Theatre

3383 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53207

Sponsor a Show


Can't get enough Summit? Want to help even more? Consider sponsoring a show! You, your group of friends or your organization can become sponsors for one full day of Summit programming and help make the magic happen.

Summit Show Sponsors will get their names (or their organizations' names) announced before the show they sponsor and added to the show sponsors list on our website, posters, postcards and other promotional material.


Interested in being a sponsor? Contact us at to start a discussion.

Other Ways to Help

Smile and the world smiles with you! When you shop at Amazon, remember to use AmazonSmile (by clicking the button below) and designate Summit Players Theatre as your charity. Then, a portion of each of your purchases is donated to support our Shakespearean hijinks!

The players stading next to a Community Arts Grant banner at Rib Mountain State Park

Major Sponsors

Did you know that Donorbox allows you to make monthly or annual contributions as well as one-time gifts? Five or ten dollars a month adds up over time and allows Summit Player Theatre to make the magic happen. Consider a recurring gift when you click the button above.

Looking for another easy way to support Summit Players Theatre? Participate in Thrivent Choice. Through Thrivent Choice, you can contribute to organizations and causes you care about and influence how Thrivent distributes some of its charitable funding. Click below to get started. You can also contact your Thrivent financial professional.


Does your employer provide a match for charitable donations? Do they make donations to charities and non-profit organizations in exchange for your volunteer hours? Remember to check with your employer about ways they can help your donations to Summit Players Theatre go further!