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What happens if it rains?

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The show must go on! Summit Players Theatre never cancels a show before the scheduled curtain time. The touring company will make every effort to perform outdoors, including playing in light rain. Also, the performance may be delayed to allow weather to pass. We work with the Wisconsin DNR staff at every park to establish a rain location - it may be a picnic shelter, an enclosed group shelter or part of the nature center in the park! If you are concerned about inclement weather, please call the park office of the location you are planning to visit to learn more about the rain location for that specific venue.

A decision to play or move indoors will be made based on available weather information, and announced via the Summit Players' social media channels.

If a rain location is unavailable and weather conditions become dangerous, the players may pause or cancel the performance after the scheduled time. This change would also be announced via social media.

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What should I bring with me?

For sunny (or even cloudy) conditions, it's a good idea to bring bug spray, sunscreen and plenty of water to keep yourself comfortable outdoors. A poncho or umbrella can additionally be useful in case of rain! Some venues have provided seating, but for some, you might want to bring a blanket or camp chair - we always post that information on our blog for each tour day! If you want, bring some food and drink and spend some time picnicking and enjoying the park before the Summit Players perform - just remember to clean up after yourself!

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Who can come to the workshop?

Anyone and everyone! Our workshops are specifically built for children ages 8 and up, but younger children and "fun adults" can still have plenty of fun and learn things they never knew about Shakespeare! More than just facts, our workshops are about practical skills and "learning by doing" - even adult members of our audience can embrace their inner child by playing Shakespeare's characters and experimenting with his text. Our workshops are a life-long learning experience!

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Where did the name "Summit" come from?

The founding members of the company were seniors in college when the project began, and their intent was that the Shakespeare in the State Parks tour would be the "peak" of their learning and work as artists thus far. Since then, it has come to also mean "coming together" to create, as in a "summit meeting," and also in reaching toward the peak of creativity.


It's a fun coincidence that the players visit some of the highest places in Wisconsin each year as part of the tour, including Rib Mountain State Park, which claims the title of highest point in the state. 

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How can I book a workshop for my school/organization/family?

Interested in bringing the Players to your community?  Our teaching artists are available year-round for fun, educational workshops on Shakespeare's life, words and works. Contact us at or call (414) 216-3702 to discuss rates for bringing our workshops to your organization.

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