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How to Find Us - Kettle Moraine Pike Lake Unit

We close our 2017 season today at Kettle Moraine State Park's Pike Lake Unit. It's your last chance to check out The Comedy of Errors in the parks, what are you waiting for? Workshop at 1:00 p.m. for a 2:30 p.m. show. Admission to this park requires a park sticker, so support our state parks system by purchasing a sticker or a day pass for your vehicle!

Here's some information to help you find us:

Directions to the Park

Directions Inside the Park

The blue arrows point to the area where we'll be performing. Please contact the park with questions, or for more detailed directions. (262-670-3400)


With all this sun, our last show couldn't be less than great! Grab your sunscreen, a hat and a chair, and join us for fun at the lake! We'll see you soon!

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