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Making Shakespeare Accessible

Summit Players Theatre's Shakespeare in the State Parks program isn't just about performing Shakespeare, it's about performing accessible Shakespeare. What does that mean, exactly? Our 75-minute, six-actor plays are designed to be understood and enjoyed by anyone, no matter how much Shakespeare they've seen or read in the past.

Since our first year, director and humanities expert Maureen Kilmurry has been a driving force behind Summit Players Theatre. Her cutting of the scripts has gone hand in hand with her direction to ensure our productions are clear, understandable and enjoyable for all.

Listen in as board member and former Executive Director Hannah Klapperich-Mueller sits down with Maureen to talk about what it means to make Shakespeare accessible to all!

Join the conversation by listening on Spotify or downloading the podcast below to listen on your phone or mp3 player:

Making Shakespeare Accessible
Download ZIP • 46.92MB

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