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Playing With Shakespeare: Get Outside With Will - Digital Workshop

Shakespeare can be a confusing subject. Maybe you read his plays in school or saw a production that you didn't really get. What were all of those "thee"s and "thou"s?

Summit Jackson, Summit Nadja and Summit Caroline are here to clear up your "iambic pentajitters" and teach you that Shakespeare can be FUN! In this interactive, digital workshop, you'll learn about who William Shakespeare was, when and where he lived, and what he did. You'll act out some of Shakespeare's classic character types, break the code of his language, and learn to be a real Shakespearean actor!

If you want to act along with our final workshop exercise, you can find the script below! Click the text to open a downloadable version you can print and bring outside with you as you become a real Shakespearean actor:

After you've finished staging your scene, send us a video to or any of our social media pages! We can't wait to see your acting skills in action.

Summit Players Theatre recommends dedicating at least 45 minutes for completing this workshop. Participants are suggested to clear a large space in their homes or take their devices outside to have room to follow along with the acting portions of the workshop.

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