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Wednesdays With Will #15 - Quartos, Folios, Zines

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

In Shakespeare's time (and directly after), his plays were published in two primary formats: quartos, small booklets that contained a single play at a time; and folios, which were larger and compiled his complete works in one book.

Looking for a modern way to publish your own thoughts, feelings and creative ideas? Try making a zine! Similar to a quarto, these do-it-yourself magazines are a great way to share ideas with others. For an example, look below for Caroline's zine.

After you've made your zine, send it to us at, and photocopy it to send to friends or family members! We can't wait to see what kind of ideas and fun, creative thoughts you share with others.

Check out our example zine:

Or download it here!

Caroline's Much Ado About Shakespeare Zi
Download • 877KB

PRINT FORMAT - Caroline's Much Ado About
Download • 2.61MB

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