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Wednesdays With Will #8 - Speeches

Characters in Shakespeare's plays either spoke in verse, a formal, poetic type of speech used for high emotions, high status and unfamiliar situations, or prose, a way of speaking that's similar to our own, used when characters were relaxed, lower-class or among friends

Additionally, when characters wanted to deliver a long speech, it took the form of either a monologue, where characters try to motivate action in others, or a soliloquy, where characters reflect on their own personal feelings.

We want you to write your own monologue! Think: what's important to you? What change would you like to see in the world around you? Write a verse or prose speech to try to get others to help make that change, then send it to us, or even better, record yourself saying it! We'd love to hear your monologues and see what you're passionate about. As always, feel free to send submissions to

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